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Top 10 Reasons to Get UnGagged in London

May 15, 2018

UnGagged isn’t just another digital marketing event. There are a lot of conferences that specialize in SEO pep talks and Google-sanctioned best-practice lists.  What’s more, a quick Social Media search will likely bring up all their best sound-bites and powerpoint decks. So what’s the point in attending?

UnGagged is the first digital marketing conference to allow its speakers to be completely off-the-record. All recording devices are banned, sales-pitches are verboten and the session content is for attendee’s ears only. If you want to implement these highly-profitable strategies before they become common practice, you need to physically be there!

Returning to London for the fourth time, UnGagged takes place at The Grange St. Pauls, a luxury five-star hotel overlooking the iconic St. Paul’s Cathedral. Held across 2 days, with one additional Masterclass day, UnGagged is designed to provide the latest actionable real-world methods and strategies.


Want 10 reasons to Get UnGagged? Here’s 11.

Our No Recording, No ‘Fluff’, No ‘Sales Pitch’ Policy

Our biggest value, it’s the perfect way to get a leg-up on your competitor. You’ll gain a treasure trove of lucrative information that can’t be found anywhere else. Forget about sitting through countless software pitches and book mentions; we’re here to educate and share the most successful methods from the greatest minds in digital.

The Action

These days most conferences claim to provide “Actionable Methods”, and yes, it’s a buzzword we helped make happen. When it comes to monetization, we are where the ‘action’ is.

We’re Unfiltered, Uncensored and Unapologetic

Because there’s no recording, UnGagged speakers share insights and tactics that might be too… controversial(?) for other leading conferences. If you’re looking for frank discussions about PBNs or the truth behind Black Hat analytics, You need to get UnGagged.

GDPR is on Your Mind

It’s certainly playing on ours! Though it’s mere weeks before it comes into play, it’s not too late to get caught up and explore some strategic opportunities. Compare notes and get advice on your GDPR compliance with those who know, like Jenna Tiffany.

Gain Insights From the Inner Circles

The networking events draw attendees back every year. There is an almost tangible feeling of collaboration and innovation in the air; you’ll have open discussions about methods, strategies, and techniques that could only ever take place face to face; it’s a truly liberating experience. In many cases, the conversations attendees have with one another turn out to be just as valuable as the talks given by the speakers!

The Food Situation

We not only feed minds but stomachs as well! UnGagged provides a delicious breakfast, a hot lunch, afternoon tea and some vital caffeine throughout. You won’t have to settle for a cold boxed lunch or an overpriced slice of cold pizza from a vendor, everything is served under one roof!

Road Map to Success

The experts that take the UnGagged stage have been hand-picked for their demonstrable experience and success in the internet marketing industry. Speakers will share (in no uncertain terms) what they are currently utilizing to generate their substantial online success. Many speakers literally spoon-feed the audience a step by step guide to bringing home the bacon.

The UnCrowd

If you’ve been to an UnGagged event before, you’ll know what we’re talking about. If you haven’t, you’ve got something great to look forward to. As an UnGagged attendee, you aren’t just considered a number in the crowd; we keep our conferences intimate and interactive. You’ll come to personally know many attendees, speakers, exhibitors and staff, these lasting connections are the core of many highly successful partnerships and joint ventures.

A Snazzy Showcase 

Looking for a shiny new digital toy? Discover the latest, greatest and most up to date digital marketing tools to boost your productivity. Our sponsors and Exhibitors are all situated amongst the food and beverage area! Peruse at your leisure.

Did We Mention the 5-Star Venue?

UnGagged is returning to the luxurious Grange St. Pauls hotel where we’ll have the run of the show across a whole level of the hotel. Fancy exploring London with fellow attendees? You’re right in the heart of the city with some of the best restaurants, cafes, and bars at your doorstep!

That Certain Un Factor

Our aim is to go well above and beyond the ‘Conventional’ and redefine the notion of SEO conferences. Many of our sessions are designed to share enough monetizable information to cover the cost of the conference itself! Take notes, and don’t expect to Google this information the next day.

And that makes 11. We could do this all day, but why not just come see for yourself?


See You There!

The London 2018 agenda is one of the best that UnGagged has arranged to date (which is saying something). If you want to share the knowledge and you don’t already have a ticket, getting UnGagged might be one of the best decisions you’ll make all year.

UnGagged 2018


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