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The UnGagged App is out now!

May 20, 2016

Now that you have joined the UnGagged team, you will have access to all the opportunities and sweeteners that come with such an exclusive event. One of them, is our app! Created to personalise your UnGagged experience, you have unlimited access to all the resources to help you navigate the conference. Check the latest program on the updated schedule, investigate your favorite speakers, post about your experience, network with your attendee’s and more; is all at your fingertips!

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This app is available to download on iOS devices and Android.

Click here to see the great features available to you; easily laid out!

Below are some quick and easy instructions on how to download and use the app…

  1. Go straight to the App Store, and search ‘UnGagged’, click on the only result that comes up, and hit ‘GET’!
  2. Let it download and once installations have completed, tap on your new app
  3. A box will appear, asking you to allow ‘Notifications’ to be sent. Click ‘Okay’ if you want notifications to inform you of any changes and key notices, as well as the check-in of your fellow delegates
  4. Click on the event under June 2016, labelled ‘UnGagged London 2016’
  5. Click the big blue button, ‘Join’
  6. It will then ask you to create a profile and fill out your details
  7. You will be directed to the ‘Activity Stream’ where you will be able to see fellow attendees that have joined the event. This page is where you have the opportunity to post on the wall and add to the conversation (by clicking on the pen icon), or upload a photo of your experience throughout the conference (by clicking on the camera icon).
  8. To navigate the rest of the app, go to the top left-hand corner and click on the 3 lines, which will take you to the sidebar; containing info about the speakers, the schedule, sponsors, exhibitors, hotel map, and much more!
  9. All notifications, personal messages, and pages that you want to bookmark, is available if you click on the bell icon in the top right-hand corner (off the ‘activity stream’ page)


  • Instant updates
  • Write and read fellow attendee posts’ on the social wall
  • Share photos, send private messages, and check out fellow attendees’ profiles with the activity stream
  • Be reminded of important events throughout conference with our push notifications
  • Participate in quick polls so we can hear your feedback  

We look forward to seeing you at the UnConvention in London this June!


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