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UnGagged – what to expect from the unConvention

March 13, 2019

If you’re reading this blog post, you might have already seen some pretty big claims about UnGagged. While we’re not above tooting our own horn, our attendees and speakers usually back that up with their own high praise. It usually looks like:

“UnGagged is the only conference that tells it like it is”

“The speakers at UnGagged can be so much more open than at other conferences”

“UnGagged is the best!”

But if you’ve never attended one of our conferences, all of these comments might leave you scratching your head. Aren’t all conferences supposed to be this “open”?

What’s all the fuss about?

We remove the gag

UnGagged is different for one main reason: our speakers can say whatever they like. That’s why it’s called UnGagged – we’ve removed the gag that other conferences usually put in place.

You might think speakers can be candid at any digital marketing conference, but unfortunately, that’s not the case. Often conferences will have their own agendas and certain subject areas that are off-limits. So speakers end up discussing the safe things, things that are a little more old-hat or a little less exciting than they’d like.

But that’s not all. Pretty much all conferences are live-tweeted, live-blogged and even streamed around the world. It makes sense – why not make the most of the exposure and free marketing opportunities, right? Well, sure there’s that side of things, but all of this sharing means that every idea and every piece of advice gets plastered online, in public, for anyone and everyone to see. That’s how tactics get saturated. So, invariably, speakers won’t share as much. They’ll only hint at ideas or they’ll brush over the finer details, for fear that every other SEO or digital marketer will jump on the bandwagon before the day is through.

Not at UnGagged. We don’t allow any filming, tweeting or sharing of our sessions. Sometimes speakers will allow photography (sometimes), but more often than not our conference is completely locked down. That means the speakers are free to share as much detail as they like. They talk about real campaigns with real data and real results. If you want to know this stuff, you’ve got to get a ticket. And then keep all of that goodness to yourself – you paid for your ticket, the information is your ROI.

As if this privacy wasn’t enough, UnGagged is also small. We purposefully keep our attendance numbers low. Why? Because it’s all well and good preventing any sharing of content, but if there are 1000 people in the room, speakers still aren’t going to share their juiciest tips. We keep our numbers to 300 at the very most, so our speakers are comfortable dishing the dirt, safe in the knowledge that the few people in the room won’t be enough to ruin the fun for everyone.

Intimate and friendly

If you’ve ever been to a free conference, you will have experienced the bone crushing difficulty of simply moving from one session to another or desperately trying to find a cup of coffee. When you’re one of 10,000, things can get pretty uncomfortable and very impersonal. UnGagged is the opposite of that.

With our attendance cap, you’re one of an elite group at UnGagged. That means you can mill from room to room in comfort, and always find a beverage or snack, on us. Oh did we mention, we provide meals and drinks throughout the conference? Yeah, that’s a nice perk. But more than that, our smaller conference means you have better access to the speakers. If you have a question after a session, you can stroll on up and ask. If something occurs to you later that day, find them at the evening drinks and talk it over.

Our speakers are all so passionate about what they do, and they love talking about it (surprise, surprise – that’s why they’ve made a career out of it). So make the most of all the networking opportunities we provide you with and chat to them. You won’t be elbowing thousands of people out of the way just to get near them and you won’t even have to pay out to buy them a coffee – we’ve laid it all out for you.

No corporate BS

At UnGagged, we don’t have a hidden agenda or anything to push. We aren’t owned by a company that’s trying to get new clients or push a certain tool. We are all about sharing knowledge and connecting clever people. All we want from our attendees, is that they leave our conference with fresh ideas, or a new perspective, or a renewed excitement for their job. UnGagged is about enabling the best in the industry to share their ideas with other people who live for digital marketing.

So as you can see, UnGagged really is the only conference worth coming to. Check out our speaker line-up, take a look at the agenda, or buy your ticket now and we’ll see you in April.



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