UnGagged London 2016

Why UnGagged – An Exposé

April 18, 2017

UnGagged claims to be all revealing – providing attendees with inside information and strategies from experts in the industry. But why should you listen to what these speakers have to say? How are they any different from the fellow ‘experts’ of the industry who seem to sail through life without the financial worries you and I experience on a daily basis?

Let’s explore this.

Take the Chief Marketing Office from GE for example, how many times do you think he had to consider his media spend against paying his rent? Or; how often has the Chief Digital Marketing officer of Sears had to consider his $5,000 media spend against the needs of paying his staff?

I’m guessing never.

So – why would you take advice from people who may have experienced a completely different walk of life?

That’s why the unique profile of an UnGagged speaker was created.

UnGagged has a line-up of speakers that have actually had to make those hard decisions, have dealt with the endless problems incurred when running a business or start-up just like you – and what’s more, they have made it to the other side and can tell you exactly how they did this. Take a look at the London agenda and see what topics would benefit you this year.

Who are these legends I’m talking about? Well, to name a few, there is…

Chris ‘Kubby’ Kubbernus

Having started working at the age of 14 as an intern at an advertising agency, Chris’ responsibilities developed from sweeping floors and getting coffee, to starting up his own digital marketing agency that helped small business’ with online marketing. After various work endeavours, involving moving from Toronto to Copenhagen and becoming Adtomic’s Digital Media Director, Chris founded Kubb&Co – a global digital agency delivering social media, digital marketing, video and communications work for clients like Coloplast, SimCorp, NORRIQ, Endoca, Stride Energy, Signalhorn, Nustay, HP, and others.

After being named by Mashable as one of the Top 50 Marketing Influencers on Snapchat and by Forbes Magazine as the #1 Business Guru on Snapchat; this is the type of guy you want to learn from.

Marty Weintraub

Marty was thrice honoured as a “Top 25 Most Influential PPC Expert,” a TCB Top 100 People To Know in 2016 and claimed the coveted 2013 “US Search Personality Of The Year” tiara.

These awards are because of Marty’s many endeavours in the industry, from Founding AimClear, a driven marketing agency dominant in psychographic targeting (5X fastest growing privately held US Firms), to speaking in front of hundreds of search & social marketing conference audiences across the globe. He is the author of “Killer Facebook Ads” and “The Complete Social Media Community Manager’s Guide: Essential Tools and Tactics for Business Success”.

From someone who has been described to have a “unique persona that is instantly recognizable” by Entrepreneur Magazine; this is one special speaker to UnGagged, and he is ready to share his journey with you… behind closed doors.

You’ve got me – I’m in!

I thought you might say that, which is why all you have to do is take advantage of the UnGagged London Early Bird discount (expires 12th of May) to hear these experts speak! Or – if you fancy the Las Vegas scene, we have a ticket waiting for you there also…

Now is the time for you to learn from the best, be the best – and forget the rest!


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